Member Offer from Rocket Launcher

By  Sue Hasey
Category: Member Offers

RKCC Members to attend the Perth Business Christmas Lunch on the 24th November at the Pan Pacific Hotel.  thanks to

RKCC Mineral Resources Regional Awards - Digital & Innovation Winner

Justin Barnes from Rocket Laucher. Justin is offerning RKCC members a discounted rate

RocketLauncherXmas Lunch
The event is at the Pan Pacific Hotel, featuring a 2 hour drinks package and a buffet style Christmas Lunch. 
The event includes:

  • Christmas Buffet with a range of incredible mouth-watering food (the food was absolutely delicious last year!!)
  • 2 hours alcohol drinks package (we will have non-alcohol options for you)
  • Networking with other businesses
  • Raffle Supporting AGOSCI*

*We will accept card only for the raffle on the day. Raffle prizes to be announced soon!

RKCC Members can purchase PNC Member Tickets to attend saving them an immediate $20. 

On another note, if anyone has a donation, they would like to make to support the Raffle, we would love to add a prize and thank the donor.

The raffle items are in support of  AGOSCI - Established in 1981, AGOSCI aims to serve people who may not rely on speech alone to understand or be understood by others.